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Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 10:43 PM

Subject: Dragon Breach-T2

Dragon Breach

Well I am a big fan of dragons so when CHK came out with big beautiful dragons I decided I must have them. While they are used in many decks in a variety of ways.... ok maybe kokusho in B x decks...but I can dream. I enjoy fast beats and the aggressive kill him quickly approach. So I set off to building a deck which is fun to play and competitive ...ish. Here we go.

Meat n Potatoes 4 of each

Kodamas reach- Come on ...high casting cost needs the mana acceleration. There is nothing better than Reach.

Through the Depths- Ok dont laugh yet. When your playing so many good instants and soceries this card has helped me out a lot. Its a great way to find your win condition.

Sakura Tribe Elders- Again with the acceleration and an early meat sheild.

Through the Breach- This is THE card. R4 mana will get you a critter with beefy stats and a decent ability. This card is an instant and can be used at end of turn allowing the creature to stay for your turn and free up mana to cast something else. This is also splicable for RR2 plenty fun here.

Goryo's Vengeance- Ok this card is a great follow up to breach the turn before. The problem with this is it removes the critter from the game nullifying the dragon abilities. This is great with Kuro Pit lord. B1 clear the board at the cost of a few life points then swing for 9. Very nice.

Birds of Paridise- Forest and BOP is arguably the best first turn you can have in T2 sans affinity. The leads into a turn 2 Reach then a turn 3 Breach. It is also fun to toss the counters from Jugan onto him.

Support cars 3 of each

Eternal Witness- Everyone loves the witnesses, but I dont think it helps the deck enough to have four of.

Time of need- This card finds your creatures that you beat in your opponents face. All three of these support cards could have four of in the deck. The problem is I am still tinkering with the amounts of these cards. All are good in the deck.

Beaters and misc.

2 x Kokusho- Yep of course. This card is one of the best in the entire format. With breach you pay 5 mana and they lose 10 you gain 5. Sounds good for me.

1 x Ryusei- This is a great removal spell when paired with breach.

1x Keiga- This card has another great ability. There have been many games where it will win the game for me. Hit you in the face with a flyer and I think I will take your darksteel colossus Mr. TaN

1x Yosei- This is great is you snag him early on. Beat with five and lock him down for a turn.

1x Jugan- This card have the least useful ability of the dragons. It can be fun when you toss then on a BOP or a witness.

1x Kuro, Pitlord- WOW.....This card have been very amazing in this deck and in no other deck I have seen. With the breach or goryu's you can clear the board at the cost of a few life points. The life doesnt matter much when you swing for a whopping 9 HP

1x The Unspeakable- Ok this is also nice. A flyer 6/7 trample and the ability is great. He tramples OVER dragons and can bring back the spell you used to get him to your hand be it goryus or breach.

1x Slumbering Tora- I would like to experiment with more of these in the deck. With so many whopping spirits he is a great win condition and dodges most removal till activation.

Land 21

12x Forests- Umm.....they provide your green mana.

2x Mountains- Needed for Breach and Ryusei 2x Swamps- Needed for Goryu's and KOK 2x Islands- Needed for Peer and Keiga

Legend lands one of each
Shinka, Shizo, Minamo- These are for the mana and occasionally the abilities come in handy when you need the first strike untap or fear.

Card total 60


I havent the cards yet to really get a good sideboard but heres an Idea.

3x Cranial
2x Rude awakening
4x Boil
4x Boseiju
2x Splinter

The cranials are great for about any second game. The awakenings are a good alternate win. The boils to deal with pesky blue mages same with boseijus. The splinters are for the vedalken shackles.

Well from play testing I have found this deck can win and do it very well.... well not so much. The problem comes in against fast beaters and mono blue control. The worst matchups are against red deck wins and Mono blue control. It can out race and trick about every other deck. I am taking this deck to a T2 tourny at fnm next friday and will post the results. I fear with a metagame heavy with blue and red it won't work out very well, but I can hope can't I.

Name: Sean Frey

Email: sean.frey@gmail.com