Ultimate Goblin Siege Overkill Many Times Over Deck


My name is Jayson, and here is my deck.

 4x Siege-Gang Commander

 4x Goblin Piledriver

 4x Goblin Warchief

 4x Goblin Recruiter

 1x Mogg Sentry

 4x Coat of Arms

 4x Patriarch’s Bidding

 3x  Shadowblood Ridge

 3x Swamp

 9x Mountain


The focus of the deck is Siege Gang Commander.

You summon lots of goblins like piledriver and warchief out until you get a Goblin Recruiter. With that , place all 4 siege gang commanders at the top of the deck and draw them one per turn. Summon them all , and you will have 16 creatures at least: 4 Siege gang commanders and 12 tokens. After that, there are a bunch of things you can do. You can activate Coat of Arms to get about 16 16/16 creatures, tokens and all. You can also somehow destroy the 4 siege gang commanders, or let the opponent kill them, then revive them with Patriarch’s bidding, the only black card in my deck.

When you regenerate the 4 siege gang commanders, you also get 12 more tokens and the rest of your dead goblins.

 The only weakness of this deck that I can think of is against other decks with most of the monsters being of equivalent Creature types. For example, my coat of arms and patriarch’s bidding would help all of the opponent’s sliver creatures.

If you edit this deck, don’t hesitate to make changes for the sake of costs of cards and such, even though I am on a budget. Also, try not to take out Siege gang commander, because it is one of the most important cards in this deck. Thank you.

Email me at jeganthank@msn.com