Green Kamigawa Type 2 tribe deck by BMoor


When Champions came out, I knew I was going to want to build a Monk deck, since I love rogue tribal decks like that.  And since Betrayers comes out in February, I decided to build a Monk deck now, before it gets easier and everyone starts doing it. 


Creatures: 20

4 Budoka gardener

4 Jukai Messenger

3 Humble Budoka

3 Order of the Sacred Bell

2 Azusa, Lost but seeking

2 Dosan, the Falling Leaf

2 Seshiro the Anointed

Other Spells: 24

4 Kodama's Reach

4 Sylvan Scrying

4 Needle Storm

3 Time of Need

3 Commune with nature

3 Konda's Banner

3 Krosan Reclamation

Lands: 16

10 Forest

2 Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers

2 Adventurer's Guildhouse

2 Yavimaya Hollow


After looking through all the monks in the game, I realized the deck would be green with a lot of legendary creatures and a lot of land.  Okina complements both those requirements nicely, and I believe I've actually found a use for Adventurer's Guildhouse, believe it or not.  Now, between Azusa and the Gardener, you'll want land in your hand at almost all times, so that's why out of all the land-search spells available, I picked Kodama's Reach and Sylvan Scrying.  They put land into your hand, and the Scrying can get you a Hollow to save your creatures or a Temple to push extra damage.  As far as other spells go, I knew that Dosan would make instant combat tricks a liability, and since an unblocked Seshiro is your only card draw, I included Commune with Nature and Time of Need as your main source of getting into your library and getting anything besides a land.  Konda's Banner can uniformly pump every creature, making even the Messenger a threat, but be careful.  If your opponent has a lot of Humans, equip Seshiro.  If your opponent plays Snakes, Equip Dosan, Azusa, or Dokai post-flip.  Krosan Reclamation will help reuse cards, and Needle Storm was a last-minute addition after realizing I had no air defense. You may want to use Spidersilk Armor instead. 


The strategy of the deck is basically beatdown, with several methods of beating.  If you manage to flip a Gardener, you can generate huge Elementals at instant speed.  Or equip Azusa, and pound away with a 6/5 Order of the Sacred Bell.  Between Okina, the Guildhouse, and the Hollow, keeping your legends alive and swinging shouldn't be hard.  My main concern is that the deck may need more land.  Even with 8 land fetch spells, Azusa and Gardener, there are only 16 land.  There are two copies each of two legendary lands, and two lands don't even have mana abilities.  You might want to remove the Reclamation for more Forests.


All in all, this demonstrates what I was saying a few months ago about how any creature type can support a deck.  Feel free to make suggestions to me at bemore4096@yahoo.com.