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From: Jonathan Chapman [mailto:necrom23@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:50 PM

Subject: Peasant Magic - B/G The Rock All Common Jonathan Chapman

Peasant Magic - B/G The Rock (All Common)

3x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Llanowar Elves
3x Rancor
3x River Boa
4x Sakura Tribe Elder
3x Rend Flesh
2x Kodama's Reach
4x Yavimaya Elder
3x Serrated Arrows
4x Blastoderm
3x Nantuko Vigilante
3x Death Denied
5x Swamp
16 Forest


3x Duress
2x Naturalize
3x Matsu Tribe Sniper
4x Nourish
3x Dosan's Oldest Chant

This is a deck I've been toying with for a long time.
The deck works by building up mana, killing creatures, and putting down solid beaters. Almost every card in the deck is a great card. Finding out the right number of each card is tricky. For example, Rancor is an awesome card but you really only need 1 in play for this deck. Drawing 2 might not be so great since the deck wants a lot of creatures in play and in the graveyard. Of course having a 6/1 Yavimaya Elder isn't something I'd complain about either. The deck has multiple ways to meet the mana curve to use all that mana to your advantage. There are plenty of 3CC plays for turn
2 to make the elves work for you.
Rend Flesh will just about kill anything you're up against, as all the good spirits are Uncommons and Rares. Serrated Arrows will take care of those troublesome River Boa's and Fliers. Arrows also makes sure your Blastoderm surives their blockers on occasion. Death Denied is best saved for late game, and against Blue until they're tapped out (as a nasty surprise). All together the deck gives an amazing amount of card advantage. When you figure in drawing two cards from Reach, drawing 3 from Y Elder, getting land from ST Elder, getting back Rancor, and Death Denied the deck just goes over the top. One thing that green doesn't have at the moment is life gain in the form of a creature (Wellwisher doesn't work outside of an elf deck).
I've adjusted the sideboard to help out against red burn decks. Every time you gain life it negates two burn spells.
Your goal against that player will be to drop threats and survive long enough to pound them into the ground.
Other sideboard cards are Duress (for forcing through Death Denied against Blue), Naturalize (for dealing with equipment/enchantments), and Matsu Tribe Sniper (for skies type of decks). Notice that the deck is all common (and I play it in an all-common tournament).
This makes it very easy to build.

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