Peasant Magic Deck: Here Come The Goblins! Geoff




-Geoff Ottoson


4x Goblin Grenade

4x Fireblast

4x Lightning Bolt

4x Incinerate



4x Mogg Fanatic

4x Goblin Warchief (uncommon)

4x Goblin Raider

4x Mogg Raider or Goblin Sledder

4x Goblin Brigand

2x Mogg Flunkies

1x Sparksmith


20x Mountain

1x Goblin Burrows (uncommon)


     The point of this deck is to play Goblin Grenade and Fireblast at the same time...and to attack with goblins.  The two spells deal a lot of damage (9) but cost you five cards (Goblin Grenade, a goblin, Fireblast, and two mountains).  Save these cards until you can win hte game with them.  You should play creatures as quickly as possible, including the Warchief which gives all your goblins haste.  Use lightning bolts, incinerates, and Mogg Fanatics to remove creatures and save the Fireblast and Goblin Grenades for your opponent.  Goblin burrows can help later in the game and Goblin Brigands are just fun to attack with (they like attacking).  When the goblins have caused plenty of damage play those spells you saved (Goblin Grenade, Fireblast and any other direct damage) to end teh game.  Just deal 20 damage as quickly as possible.