White Splendor V2.0


20 x Plains


4x Soul warden

4x Soltari foot soldier

4x Razor golem (Way better than phrexian warbest)

4x Order of Leitbur

4x Youthful knight

4x Soltari trooper

3x Angelic curator (Metagame choice, Freewind falcon is an option, or mystic familiar)

2x Mother of runes (need we say more)


3x Swords to plowshares

3x Bonesplitter (Great on your shadows and first strikers)

3x Empyrial armor

2x Cho-Manno’s blessing (nifty little trick)



This is ground-and-pound class of deck. Creature-heavy with several removal cards great fun to play.


Vlatko Jurisic [mailto:vlatko_jurisic@yahoo.com]