Ultra-speed Affinity



4x Seat of synod

4x Vault of whispers

4x Great furnace

4x Darksteel citadel

4x Lotus petal


4x Myr enforcerer

4x Frogmite

4x Disciple of the vault

3x Ornithopter

3x Atog (common in Antiquities)

3x Arcbound worker


4x Cranial plating

4x Thoughtcast

3x Chromatic sphere

4x Skullcalmp (Uncommon)

3x Welding jar

1x Thirst for knowledge (Uncommon)


This is one of the fastest decks to play in Peasant magic. It is capable of 3 turn kills, and can kill regulary on 4th or 5th turn. Brutal display of skullclamp power.

Enjoy crushing the opposition.



Vlatko Jurisic [mailto:vlatko_jurisic@yahoo.com]