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Red Peasant Deck


Fast and Furious


20 Mountain  -- won't get too far without these

4 Spark Elemental  -- 1 Red for a 3/1 hasted trampler...sign me up

4 Raging Goblin -- 1 Red for a 1/1 haste

4 Oxidda Golem -- 3/2 hast and affinity for Mountains can make it free!

4 Talruum Minotaur -- 2 colorless, 2 red for 3/3 haste

4 Pardic Firecat -- 3 colorless, 1 red for 2/3 haste and counts as a Flame Burst once in the graveyard

4 Lightning Bolt -- Best burn card there is

4 Flame Burst -- 1 colorless, 1 red for a potential of up to 9 pts of dmg

4 Fireblast -- Great way to end the game fast

4 Bloodlust -- 1 colorless, 1 red instant that give +4/and makes toughness 1 on target creature

4 Fists of the Anvil -- 1 colorless, 1 red +4/0 to target creature



4 Fling

4 Grafted Wargear



This deck is the fastest deck around, easily able to win on the fourth or fifth turn with regularity. The point is to get as may hasted creatures as possible each round, attack, then if they do not block, you then add a Bloodlust or a Fist on the Anvil for massive damage. Burn any creatures that get in your way, and if your opponent is playing a creature destruction deck add Fling to send your creatures directly to the dome. Like Ball Lightning, well for the same 3 mana cost here you get a 7/1 trampler with haste when you add a Bloodlust or Fist of the Anvil to a Spark Elemental. Plus this deck has measures to last long if necessary.


Typical game is like this:


Turn 1: Lightning Bolt for 3 pts of dmg

Turn 2: Flame Burst for 2 more

Turn 3: Spark Elemental w/Bloodlust or Fist of the Anvil for 7 dmg

Turn 4: Oxidda Golem w/Bloodlust or Fist of the Anvil, then sack 2 Mountains to Fireblast for a total of 11 this round

So you see by Turn 4 it is easy to do 23 points of damage before your opponent knows what has hit them.



Thanks for looking.


Michael Walker