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Subject: Peasant deck: Mind Warp
This is a Black discard deck with equips to finish your opponent off quickly.
For Extended
<M1ND W4RP>>
<4>Chittering Rats (kinda like your opponent cant draw)
<2>Deciple Of The Vault (when artifacts get blown up, your opponent goes with it)
<2>Dross Golem (fear. good with Specter's Shroud)
<2>Maggot Carrior (if u want, u can add Slith Bloodletters, which is how my deck is, but it wouldnt be Peasant then)
<4>Myr Enforcer (in a deck with lots of artifacts, and its the strongest creature too)
<18>Swamps (kinda obvious why it's here)   ;)
<4>Vault Of Whispers (for the enforcer)
<4>Wrench Mind (discard 2 or an artifact, u can also add hymn to tourach)
*<4>Specter's Shroud (goes with dross golem, and a constant discarder)
<4>Dark Ritual (this is kinda like a black mage's "poor mans black lotus" )    ;>
<4>Bonesplitter (+2/+0 for 1 is good!)
<3>Consume Spirit (burner and life gain)
<2>Necrogen Spellbomb (discard or draw)
<3>Irridate (in a deck with lots of artifacts, and kills "indestructable" creatures>
The way to win is to leave your opponent with few things to play while u control the board and their hand.
Turn1: Swamp, tap it, Dark Ritual, Chittering Rats
Turn2: Swamp, tap it, Dark Ritual, Specter's Shroud and Deciple, tap the other swamp to attach Specter's Shroud to Chittering Rats and hit for 3, then discard...
In the late game, drop 1-2 Consume Spirit and your opponent will fall quickly.
If your opponent has a creature u cant get past, Irridate it and it probably will get -5/-5 to -8/-8
Soon after, your opponent will have no hand and wishing to draw a good card.
This is a duel against my friend's Goblin Peasant deck:
I go first, and play swamp, tap, ritual, specters shroud and deciple.
He plays mountain
I play swamp, tap both my swamps, play bonesplitter, attatch shroud to deciple and swing for 2, he ditches Goblin Raider. 18-20
He plays mountain, taps it, then shocks me. 18-18
I play swamp, tap all three, Chittering Rats, swing for 2 with deciple, he ditches a mountain. 16-18
He plays mountain, taps all three and plays Goblin Warchief
I play swamp, tap all and Irridate the warchief. Then i hit with the Rat and deciple for 4 and he ditches Barbed Lightning. 12-18
He taps his mountains for a pyrite spellbomb and plays shrapnel blast, ditching the spellbomb. Shrapnel blasting my life. 12-13
I play Vault of Whispers and tap my lands and play wrench mind and Necrogen spellbomb making him discard. he ditches shock and pyrite spellbomb. i hit for 4 and he discards goblin chariot. 8-13
He taps 3 lands for barbed lightning, blowing up my deciple.
I play swamp, tap two for consume spirit and tap the three remaining for dark ritual and use the five black mana to burn him and pushes me up to 18. 5-18 Then hit with Rats and he shocks it.
He plays mountain, taps all 5 for goblin warchief ,goblin raider and raging goblin he hits for 3. 5-15
I play Dross Golem for no mana and put bonesplitter and shroud on it.
He has no cards to burn it so he forfeits.
By-Weisi Zhang