Subject: Turbo Commons V 4.0 (Peasant Deck Submission)
When I debuted the previous version of Turbo Commons a few months ago, Mirrodin was new enough that I was still feeling my way around, looking for the good cards. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found them!
(Not quite online Extended legal deck. You'll see why. Uncommons marked with an *)
4 Goblin Strikers - cheap and fast creature
2 Spikeshot Goblins - reusable direct damage
4 Shocks - direct damage
*2 Shrapnel Blasts - more direct damage
2 Fireball - mass removal or game finisher (see below)
3 Duress - discard
4 Ravenous Rats - more discard
2 Crypt Rats - mass removal
1 Irradiate - creature kill
4 Terminates - more creature kill
2 Goblin Replica - artifact kill on legs
4 Clockwork Beetles - cheap and suicidal critter
2 Bonespliters - pump up your critters
2 Yotian Soldiers - plays strong on offense and defense
8 Swamps
6 Mountains
4 Vaults of Whispers
4 Great Furnaces
3 Irradiates - green and ‘indestructable’ mechanic hate (see below)
2 Disciples of Malice - white hate
4 Shatters - more artifact kill (It’s still a Mirrodin world…)
3 Bog Downs - for creature light/combo heavy decks
*3 Boil - blue hate
1 Mana Cost Spells: 13
2 Mana Cost Spells: 12
3 Mana Cost Spells: 10
4 Mana Cost or more Spells: 3

How the deck works: Turbo Commons 4.0 follows the ‘red/black weenie assault’ model of it‘s predecessors. Attack relentlessly, clear a path thru your opponent’s creatures with your support spells, then send your creatures over the wall for the final assault. Don’t let up until someone loses.

Play tips and general commentary:
1) Spikeshot Goblins, Shrapnel Blast and Shock: These are the ’clear a path’ spells that can double as game finishers. The Blasts are very powerful (they might as well read “Sac a land: Lava Axe something”) but be careful. Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to waste an artifact creature.

2) Crypt Rats: Don't just blindly cast the Rats as soon as you can. The experienced player will paint the bullseye on them for you. Wait until you need to clear the board before you play it. Make sure you have enough mana to cast the Rats and wipe the board in one shot.

3) Fireball: I know what you’re thinking. “If this deck is designed for today‘s Extended, than why is THIS in here?” Like many Magic players, I’ve been checking out the Darksteel spoilers scattered across the Web. If the rumors are true, this classic from Alpha will return to school a new generation of players. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s purpose in the deck is simple: clear the board of the opponent’s critters or just aim for your opponent.

4) Terminates and Irradiates: Creature kill spells for all occasions. I want to emphasize how important Irradiates may become in the future. According to those Darksteel rumors, the ‘indestructable’ mechanic will be the bane of this deck. The mechanic itself reads “indestructable permanents can’t be destroyed by damage or destroy effects.” Irradiate does neither. It reduces power/toughness, making it this deck’s only way around this. You’ll be grateful they’re in your sideboard when an army of invincible artifact creatures runs rampant over your local metagame…

5) Ravenous Rats and Duress: The preemptive strike. The discards deal with any nasty instants, enchantments or combos your opponent might try to set up. If you find yourself facing a creature light/combo heavy deck, swap out some creature kill for the extra Bog Downs from the sideboard (and don’t be afraid to play the kicker cost.)

6) Bonespliters: Is there any creature that Bonespliter can’t make better? Arm a Goblin Striker and rename him ’Baby Lightning!’ Slap one on a suicidal Replica or Beetle and recycle it when the tin machine explode! Laugh as your Spikeshot Goblins bolt everything in sight! And never, EVER feed this thing to the Shrapnel Blasts! ;)

Again, opinions (positive or otherwise) on the deck can be sent to me at
B. Siems