Subject: Pez deck by Geoff: AETHER BLAST
Come on in, just watch out for lighning!
4x Aether Flash
1x Steam Blast
4x Nomads En Kor
4x Repenntant Blacksmith
4x Opal Gargoyle
1x Crimson Accolyte
4x Thermal Glider
1x Defender of Law
4x Phyrexian Warbeast
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Incinerate
4x Chromatic Sphere
11x Mountain
10x Plains
You're opponent's creatures can't get on to the table..Well they can...if they survive.  Get creatures out ASAP and start attacking.  Burn blockers out of the way and use Aether Flash (when a creature comes into play, it takes 2 damage) to keep any new blockers in your opponent's hand (they can't enter play without getting fried by the Flash).  The Gargoyles don't come in as creastures so they get past the Flash and there are also pro-red creatures and 4-toughness Warbeasts.  The nomads come out before Flash or they can deflect damage to something that can take it.  With the Flash out an incinerate or bolt can fry a 5-toughness creature.  Only your creatures should survive.  If they do get cretures, fly over for the win or blast them out of the game.  Have fun while dueling red decks!