Subject: Peasant deck-Black Stompy
There was once a player who used a relatively cheap mono-green deck and rode it to victory at a world championships 1996.His strategy was to overwhelm his opponent with tons of creatures ,more than he can handle in pure aggressive fashion.Green has not been as aggressive as it would like to be back during tempest and mirage,but black on the other hand has got the goods to be the next colour of stompy.
Black Stompy
4 carnophage
4 carrion feeder
4 festering goblin
4 nantuko husks
4 dauthi horror
4 dauthi slayer
4 skulking ghosts
4 diabolic edicts
4 innocent blood
4 dark rituals
20 swamps
For evasive offense, go for the ghosts and dauthis to dole out the damage.Get your one drops out fast and get some fast damage going and also some defense.(usually just go for offense in pure stompy nature)Your husk is your swiss army knife of the deck.When you need someone to block and kill your opponent's largest creature, nantuko husk will do the job.When u need someone to deal large amounts of damage in one turn quickly, the husk will do it.When you need an outlet to kill your fester and that elf across the table ,the husk will do that and may even help u clear the board of any 1/1 chump blockers when u have 3 or 4 festers around, before swinging for massive damage.when you have enough of carnophage sponging off your life points, sac him to husk.He is the ace of the pack but not the fulcrum of the deck, so use him with versatility in mind.Clear your way with the edicts and bloods before attacking.
Yours Sincerely
Hunter Tey