Subject: Peasant

[T2] Peasant RW Aggro


4x Tundra Wolves       

4x Suntail Hawk          

4x Raise the Alarm      

4x Raging Goblin         

4x Goblin Striker         

4x Spikeshot Goblin    

4x Wing Shards           

4x Shock                     

4x Shatter                    

4x Bonesplitter


10x Plains                    

10x Mountain  


Weenie Rush.

Almost all creatures drops early, Raging and Striker have haste.  With Bonesplitter damage adds up quick.

Raise the Alarm played on the opponents turn is almost like haste-since they can attack on your turn which is next.

Striker and Tundra Wolves have 1st Strike- So Bonesplitter is a great match.

The offensive creatures are 1/1s; Bonesplitter is the only offense raising spell.


Goblin Striker does direct damage later in the game, and can also provide some control.  In fact with a Bonesplitter, it is the creature that provides options in how you use it, and some finesse mid game.  With 2 Boneplitters Spikey is a real threat to anything without protection from red.  Not to mention 3-5 Lp at a time, possibly as soon as turn 3 is respectable.


Shock and Shards provide control early to mid game.


For the late game-it’s either lose, or hope you have enough creatures and spikey out ot block and do direct damage.



Mana   # of Spells

1                    20

2                    12

3                    8


Early is better, and this game has a lot to play on turns 1 and 2, and nothing past 3 mana.  20 Lands work to provide a land in the opening, although 2 on draw is a guaranteed good run for the opening.


Shards are the only uncommon, the rest are commons.  The deck will cost about $6.80-$8.00.  So far it has frustrated Affinity decks that did not have Pyrite Spellbomb.