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Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 8:06 AM

Subject: Peasant Green Mongrel Deck
This is a green Wild Mongrel Deck. You win by going all out and powering up the mongrel to the max.
Without further ado, the deck:
<< M0NGR3L >>
<20> Forest (why?)
<2> Tranquil Thicket (card or mana)
<4> Wild Mongrel (the heart of the deck)
<4> Basking Rootwalla (goes well with mongrel)
<4> Llanowar Elves (one of the best green commons in the game)
*<3> Arrogant Wurm (3 for a 4/4 trampler? Sign me up anyday)
<2> Titanic Bulvox (if the mongrel isnt there, 7 for a 7/4 trampler usually ends games)
<2> Vine Trellis (a 0/4 wall that taps to add G to your mana pool)
<<Other Spells:18>>
<4> Predator's Strike (this wins games with Bulvox or Mongrel)
<4> Giant Growth (predator's strike's companion) 
<4> Battle Growth (+1/+1 that stays forever)
<4> Naturalize (a star in today's meta game) 
*<2> Oxidize (killing an artifact was good for 1, but it cant regerate? Welding Jar, this is your bad day)
Total: A Perfect 60
This is a 2/3 test duel against an arcbound deck.
I go first. I drop a Forest.
He plays Seat Of The Synod with Ornithoptor and Arcbound Worker.
I play Forest and Mongrel. 
He plays Frogmite for 1 and swings with the Worker. 19-20
I play Forest and cycle Tranquil Thicket. I attack with Mongrel and he blocked with Ornithoptor, I use Preditor's Strike and play Basking Rootwalla for its madness. My mongrel is a 6/6 trampler. 19-16
He drops another Seat Of The Synod and Plays Ravager. Uh-Oh. He attacks with his worker again. 18-16
I attack with rootwalla and mongrel. He takes it. I pump the rootwalla and use Giant Growth on mongrel. 18-8
He plays Island and an Enforcer. He attacks with worker. 17-8
I play forest and attacked with both he blocked mongrel with enforcer and i ditched two cards. I pump the rootwalla and use battle growth and giant growth. 17-1
He just stares at his hand and forfeits.
The next game was fast but i know he owned me with two ravagers. 0-16
The last game was like this:
I play Forest, followed with a Llanowar.
He plays an Island, Ornithoptor, and Skull Clamp.
I play Forest and llanowar, tap my other llanowar and my last forest for vine trellis.
He plays Seat and 2 frogmites, the first for 1 and the second one free. Haha he forgot to clamp Ornithoptor :>
I plat Tranquil thicket and morph Bulvox down for three and a mongrel.
I play a Forest, the unmorph my Bulvox and end.
He plays another clamp and ends.
I play forest and attack with Bulvox. I play 2 battlegrowths and a giant growth on it.  a 12/9 trample!! 20-12
He quits on his turn.
HAHAHA hes such a sore loser.