From: Drew and Heather Sanders []
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:05 PM

Subject: Peasant Nantuko Husk Deck
4 Nantuko Husk
4 Festering Goblin
4 Gravedigger
4 Symbiotic Elf
4 Symbiotic Beast
4 Dark Banishing
4 Vicious Hunger
2 Reaping the Graves
4 Acorn Harvest
4 Chatter of the Squirrel
12 Swamp
8 Forest
2 Polluted Mire
This is actually my first experiment with Black in a deck, but the Nantuko Husk begged for me to try it out.  This is a VERY straight-forward deck.  Use all the Symbiotic creatures, and the Squirrel tokens to feed the Nantuko Husk.  Remove any heavy hitters that block your path, and swing for the head every turn.  Use the Gravediggers and Reaping the Graves to return your symbiotes.  This deck should be played in "Race Mode", hit hard and hit often.  Make sure your opening hand has at least one Husk, as this deck TOTALLY revolves around them.  Black decks could cause it some trouble, I am working on a sideboard to minimize that problem. Input and suggestions are welcome, let mw know what you think. 
Drew Sanders.