Subject: Peasant Red/Green Beast
    This is my deck. It is pretty cool. It is fast considering the amount of mana you need to run it. getting out 3/4 beasts on the 3-4 turn is pretty quick. And dealing 4-8 damage for every one that comes out is pretty good to. The only thing that sucks about this deck is that it needs at least 5 mana to start running good.
    If you can't get the Ether Charge for the 4-8 damage every beast that comes into play just use the Demoralizes to make them not able to block and attack them for alot of damage.
    Now if you are on the defensive just use the 4 Moment's Peaces that are in there to stall for time untill you get what you need to finish him.
    This deck does not do to well against control or flying decks. It can beat most decks but those two are its mortal enemies. For black control you just have to get out the Ether Charges and send out alot of beasts. For Blue Control you just have to put out as much stuff as possible. As for flying decks just make sure you hit them for more than they hit you. For every thing else just get mana, put out Ether Charges, Put out beasts, Demoralize, and attack.
    Now the only thing left to do is put my deck in here
Lands (24)
12 Forest
12 Mountain
4 Diligent Farmhand
3 Spitting Gourna
3 Snarling Undorak
1 Venomspout Brackus
2 Bloodstoke Howler
2 Crested Craghorn
2 Spurred Wolverine
2 Ember Beast
1 Shaleskin Bruiser
4 Moment's Peace
1 One with Nature
4 Volcanic Hammer
3 Shock
2 Ether Charge
2 Demoralize
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