From: Geoff
Subject: Peasant Deck- Black
-Geoff Ottoson
(mana cost)
2x Barter in Blood
2x Chainer's edict
1x Massacre
4x Blood Pet (creature)
1x Innocent Blood
4x Festering Goblin (creature)
4x Diabolic Edict
2x Skulltap
4x Ravenous Rats (creature)
4x Hymn to Tourach
2x Mindstab Thrull (creature)
2x Phyrexian Rager (creature)
4x Grave Digger (creature)
2x Faceless Bucher (creature)
22x Swamp
This is a Mono-Black control/swarm deck with some newer cards (from Scourge and Mirrodin) and some REALLY old ones. It also uses fewer of the sought after (for Black PEZ) Phyrexian Rager, Chainer's Edict, and innocent Blood.  Strategy: Swarm opponent wile killing everything.  Use grave digger to recover from your mass removal (Massacre, Barter in Blood). It is also good with Thrulls and Skulltap.