Subject: Final PEZ Deck- Who Let The Dogs Out?
A Green/White Hound* Deck
-Geoff Ottoson
Uncommons (5)
1x Slith Preadator (GG)
1x Slith Ascendant (1WW)
1x Charging Troll (2GW)
2x Arrogant Wurm (3GG) (Madness 2G)
Commons- Creatures (28)
4x Llanowar Elves (G)
4x Icatian Javelineers (W)
4x Basking Rootwalla (G) (Madnes 0)
4x Expendable Troops (1W)
4x Soldier Replica (3)
4x Wild Mongrel* (1G)
4x Patrol Hound* (1W)
Commons-other (6)
3x Armadillo Cloak (1GW)
3x Lay of the Land (G)
4x Land Grant (1G or reveal hand)
Land (17)
8x Forest
9x Palins
Playing this deck: I't a Mountain-less R/G-stlye deck that has Plains in it!  (The soldiers provide direct damage <against creatures> so you don't need red)
Play creatures every turn, clear a path with the soldiers and get something HUGE on the board. 
P. S.
The Hounds are good too.