Subject: Another PEZ deck, when I get through the colour wheel I'll stop. Title for deck: Boing!
-a bounce deck with some Mirrodin.
    -Geoff Ottoson
2x Slith Strider
3x Exhaustion
Common Creatures
2x Cloud Sprite
4x Spiketail Hatchling
4x Waterfront Bouncer
3x Cloud Spirit/Rishadan Ariship (They do the same thing: 3/1 flying @ 2U)
2x Ribbon Snake
4x Man o' War
Other Commons
2x AEther Spellbomb
4x Force Spike
2x Sigil of Sleep
4x Counterspell
2x Impulse
22x Island
This deck should be enjoyable to play and the uncommons will drive your opponebt nuts.  Stall untill you get some flyers into play (say, by countering and bouncing they play).  Exhaustion will be a free turn (its Time Walk again!) while you're stalling.  Extra Islands fuel the bouncer and Man'o War is amazing in this deck.  Your opponent will have to keep tapping out to get those bounced creatures back, and hten you can play Force Spike and Exhuastion, ha!  Of course, flyers are your way to win...or a Huge Slith Strider.  If they are playing red or balck they'll enjoy killing all of those little creatures of yours....if you let them.  Slith Strider can be crazy: bounce/exhaustion can clear the way for it for a few turns and when they can block it'll be large and chump blocking it will just give you more cards, which means more bounce!  An of cours that means they'll go insane.
Note: I'm working my way through the color wheel, that's all these decks keep showing up so close together.