Unspeakable Clerics (Peasant!) Bdcbeans2
okay.  the basic plan of this deck is to get 3+ clerics out including a Doubtles One. then play an Unspeakable Symbol and pay 3 to put a 1/1 counter on the One.  then you attack and gain back 4 life (assuming there are 3 clerics) and rinse, lather, repeat. it usually wins on turn 4-5, but one time my friend played a tempting wurm and i played the Doubtless One plus 4 other clerics. i later won on turn 3. ^____^


4 starlit sanctum
8 plains
12 swamp


4 withered wretch
4 boneknitter
3 daru spiritualist
4 cabal arcon
4 whipgrass entangler
4 doubtless one
2 vile deacon


4 unspeakable symbol
4 smother
3 profane prayers

Card Total: 60

there are some combos in here that can be devestating to you opponent, provided you have enough land.  one is Cabal Arcon + Boneknitter. pay B to sac a cleric (boneknitter) and pay 1B to regenerate. they lose 2 life, you gain 2 life, and you can to it again!

please tell me your thoughts, good or bad, if you wish to.  Bdcbeans@wmconnect