Subject: Peasant Green Deck
4 Scent of Ivy
4 Llanowar Elf
4 Defiant Elf
4 Scryb Sprites
4 Briar Shield
4 Giant Growth
4 Scent of Ivy
4 Seal of Strength
4 Feral Instinct
4 Treetop Scout
4 Rancor/Armor of Thorns
16 Forests
-This is a straight quick beatdown green deck - with tiny creatures. The first thing you should notice about this deck is that it only has ... 16 lands?!? The other thing you should notice is that all the creatures are tiny. Well, this deck makes up for it with the immense number of boosting cards it has. With the power for a third-turn death(I think - maybe 4th-turn), it moves incredibly fast until it runs out of cards in your hand. Oh; the reason it has 16 lands is because you'll need a maximum of 2 mana for anything you want to play. I put an alternative to the Rancor because I know Rancor is practically a rare nowadays. Anyways; this is a great deck, and worth playing.
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