Subject: PEZ deck -- Aerie
This is a fun deck that I tried to perfect before oddessy rotated out, but I wasn't fast enough and couldn't get the type 2 version working. However, it's a fun deck, that could work well in peasant. It really does well with the adition of the welkin hawk and more weenies.
// birds (31)
4 Belbe's Percher
3 Death's-Head Buzzard
4 Mesa Falcon
4 Mystic Familiar
4 Skyshroud Falcon
4 Suntail Hawk
4 Welkin Hawk
4 Carrion Feeder
// THE CARD (4)
4 Soulcatcher's Aerie // Uncommon
// misc (5)
2 Terror
3 Skulltap
// land (20)
1 Tainted Field // Uncommon
10 swamps
9 plains
The idea is to get the soul catcher's aerie out as fast as possible. So you don't have to look up the text, here it is --
Soulcatcher's Aerie - Encahntment (1W)
Whenever a Bird you control is put into a graveyard from play, put a feather counter on Soulcatcher's Aerie. All Birds get +1/+1 for each Feather counter on Soulcatcher's Aerie.
You need an aerie in your hand for this to start working. The carrion feeders and skulltaps help if your opponent isn't playing too much control.
"I lightning bolt your mesa falcon"
"In response i sac it to give all my birds +1/+1 and give my carrion feeder +1/+1"
"I swing for 20, SUCKA!"
Or something like that.
Some of the cards have great synergy, sac a death-head to the carrion feeder for a one-sided nausea. Sac a welkin and replace it with a bigger one.
The feather counter's are crazy, especially with 2 of the aeries out. Try it sometime, it's fun
..::The Duke::..