Subject: Reprucussion (IN A NO CREATURE DECK)
Reprucussion (urza's destiny): Whenever damage is dealt to a creature, reprucussion deals that much dammage to that creature's controller.

       I LOVE THIS CARD.  I use it in a type one burn deck with no creatures.  My best play with it so far was against a stompy deck: I had one reprucussion and one furnace of rath in play.  I was playing a stompy deck.  I earthquaked for 3.  Here is what happened.  Furnace of rath made earthquake deal 6 damage to everyting instead, and then reprucussion assigned 6 to my opponent for every creature.  Furnace of rath, though, doubles this AS WELL, so he took 12 damage for each of his 7 creatures as well as 6 from the earthquake.  End result: i took 6, he took 90.
All thanks to reprucussion.

                                                             Ari Gold-Parker