Subject: Nikos Akvihs-Blue Peasent
Here is a mono-blue peasent deck that I have actually brought to tourneys and won against highly skilled people. Yes yes I amaze even myself with this deck, as it has such good synergy. The Counter-poke (counterspells/pinging) strategy is very intricate, and yet simple...
19x Island
1x Cephalid Colusseum
4x Horseshoe Crab
4x Waterfront Bouncer
4x Prodigal Sorceror
2x Thornwind Faeries
2x Faerie Squadron
2x Wind Drake
Other Spells
4x Hermetic Study
4x Accumulated Knowledge
4x Counterspell
4x Spell Blast
4x Memory Lapse
2x Seal of Removal
2x Unsummon
2x Ensnare ( The only 2 uncommons)
Total: 60 Cards
Although this deck is all common except 2 cards, it is quite powerful. If you dont pick up any counterspell in your first hand or first few draws, just play everything and anything to gain early control. The Horshoe Crab, which is a 1/3 for 2U, works so well when enchanted with Hermetic Study, basically doing one damage for each blue mana you pump into your pool, eliminating virtually any creature. Seal of Removal is more of a bluff than a bounce. You can use it to bounce, but usually your opponent will think it's your only means of bounce, and they Disenchant it. Unknown to them, you have Unsummon in your hand. If the pinging abilities of the Hermetically studied Horseshoe Crab and Prodigal Sorceror aren't working, then you can just simply switch to an aerial beat down. Thornwind Faeries are great for this, since they have flying, and pinging ability, and are 1/1's only for 1UU. Waterfront Bouncers are excellent for clearing a path thru the creatures that happen to get in the way of your fliers. Also, one last thing...Play Ensnare at the end of the opponenets turn, or when they attack, this totally ruins them, it's a bomb!
Well, if you decide to build this, gimme a shout with an email at, and ask any questions you may have. Until then...!