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Subject: Krovikan Vampire

     For this strategy, I'm obviously gonna talk about my favorite card: the Krovikan Vampire (3BB).  Its a 3/3 for all of you who don't know and the sort of card old school players keep in their decks to shock n00bs.  its special ability is that you gain control of any creature it damages that dies that turn (so of course it is great with cards like lightning bolt and giant growth).  But I, being my greedy self, wanted more.

     I have discovered a way to clean my opponents field, and double mine.  :)  thats right, and its not very difficult.  In a Black and green deck this powerful combo can work.  Everyone knows the old combo of Lure plus Venom to wipe out your opponents creatures, but by using the vampire and a Regeneration card (possibly with a power booster like a Rancor) you can snatch up your opponents monsters like it was nothin.  soon your friend is hiding behind a goblin while you have his entire army at your disposal.  its a delicate combo, but when it does work, it wins the game.

     Everyone knows that the Krovikan Vampire is a good card thats just a bit too pricy, but Its my favorite for a reason.  Its one thing to win, its another to annihilate.