Hey there just recently I was making some new decks and decided on a green/black deck. Little did I know this deck was kick butt. I have 2 versions of it 1 is the peasant version and 2 is the rare version, both work extremely well. So here it is my green/black deck.



FAST MANA-peasant           

10x Forest                                  


4x Harrow

2x snuff Out

4x Fertile land

4x Centaur Rootcaster

4x Beast Attack

4x Elephant Ambush

2x Nantuko Calmer

2x Basking Rootwalla

4x Llanowar Dead

4x Explosive Growth

4x Sudden Strength

2x Ravenous rats


The rare version is that same thing except you take out the Ravenous rats and the Basking Rootwallos and you stick in 1x Laquatus Champion, 1x Bearscape, 1x Living Wish, and 1x Possessed centaur.

The way this deck is supposed to work is in the first 2-4 turns u should of used a harrow or fertile ground for 1 or 2 extra mana and have at least 1 to 2 creatures out like ravenous rats, basking rootwallos, or llanowar dead. So basically as you get around 5 to 7 land u start using your pump ups and playing the bigger creatures like beast attack and elephant ambush hope fully you would of dealt some damage the first 2 to 4 turns if you had out some creatures. So that is really what the strategy to the deck is it is pretty simple. This deck is good against every deck I have played except… Flying if you know your opponent is using flying don’t even play him/her or use another deck because I know by experience you will die very fast and very easily so don’t use this deck against flying. Thanks for looking any questions? My e-mail is reweiss1@pacbell.net