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Subject: My old Shadow deck
I like the idea of a peasant deck humbling those expensive rare decks. This is a deck I used when I first started playing. Mostly Tempest/Mirage.
                                      cost       st/def          ability
20 plains
4 Soltari Visionary            1ww       2/2          shadow. If player hit, destroy ench.
4 swords to plowshards     w          inst.          remove a creature from game.owner gains life = hp
4 soul warden                   w          1/1            when any creature enters play, gain 1 life
4 mounted archers           3w         2/3            block flying. w, block additional creature
4 wall of resistance          1w          0/3           flying wall.   +0/+1 if damaged
4 soltari trooper                1w         1/1           shadow. +1/+1 when attacking.
2 parapet                         1w         ench        all your creatures get +0/+1. Can play as inst. then bury.
4 cho-mannno's blessing   ww        ench        target creature gains prot. from color of choice. Play as inst.
4 Disenchant                    1w         inst.         destroy target artifact or enchantment.
2 Soltari lancer                 2w         2/2           shadow. first strike when attacking.
4 conviction                      1w         ench        ench. creature gains +1/+3.  w, return to hand.
Early in the game, get soul warden out. Then playing more creatures gains you life, and your opponent may be reluctant to play creatures. Ten shadows get the attack going early, while the walls of resistance and mounted archers defend. Get Cho manno's blessing on either the mounted archers or soltari visionary. It can play as an instant, so you can wait to see where it is really needed, but your opponent will be desperate to get rid of the visionary. On the other hand if it is on the mounted archers, they can block everything (with a bit of mana) and survive. this deck comes up fast, yet can suppress most deck types well   :)        Ric