Subject: Shadowy Demise a Black/Red Peasant BSU deck

Shadowy Demise
by Shadowmancer

The first deck I ever played successfully was a Black/Red BSU deck called Insurrection. It housed some ok creatures like the Avatar of Woe & some kick arse removal spells like lightning bolt and incinerate. as time went on I got tired of B/R & Went on to Green/Red BSU wich I find more effective. This is apeasant version of Insurrection. try it out and tell me what you think. You can reach me at

Lands: (22)
12 Swamp
10 Mountain

Spells: (21)
2 Buried Alive (Throw 3 Pardic Firecats in the graveyard)
3 Terminate (best strate forword creature remover in the deck)
4 Flameburst (takes out small and large threats)
2 Innocent  Blood (simple creature denial)
3 Lava Axe (fast player damage)
2 Fevor Charm (Nice on mean old Tim)
3 Gastly Demise (sweet creature destruction as long as you
have a graveyard)

Creatures: (17)
3 Pardic Firecat (Powers up flameburst of early removal)
2 Flametongue Kavu (Nemesis to all Beasts)
3 Nightscape Familier (Burn Excellerater)
3 Shivan Zombie (Evil against white weenies)
4 Raging Goblin (nice, cheap to play, & really fast)
2 Putrid Imp (simple Discarding to help out Gastly Demise)

Side Board: (15)
1 Execute (nice on white threats)
3 Seal of Doom (more creature removal)
2 Flash of Defiance (nice on annoying Phantoms and beats)
2 Dark Banishing (more creature removal)
3 Firebolt (nice reusable spell)
4 Duress (card Disruption)

The key to using this deck is to throw 3 pardic firecats in the graveyard (third turn if possible). Following in a turn or two cast a flameburst for a total of five damage. beleive me, this really helps against lage creatures you opponent might throw at you
and not to mention the the flamebust effect will gat stronger every time you play one. Also try to get the familiers out asap so you can herl several Lava Axes at your opponent for less mana. This deck has good creature removal spells. Gastly Demise, which most of the fello mages I know in Berrien County (Southwest Michigan) consider the best creasture removal spell in the Odyssey block and Plainshifts Terminate. Innocent  Blood is also a good creature denial card. The side board in mostly easy to understand. Execute, Seal of doom, & Dark banishing to
follow up the bsu theme. Duress is to hold back dangerous spells in your opponents hand. Firebolt is another good burn reusable burn spell. Last there is flash of defiance, which I've found very usefull against phantom's, Squirrel's, and other grean
-white armys. To improve this deck try adding a few plaguespitters.       

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