Subject: Mist of Stagnation--Rob Erlenbush
Mist of Stagnation
Cost: 3UU  Enchantment  Expansion: Judgement Rarity: Rare
Text-Permanents don't untap during their controllers untap step.  At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player untaps a permanent for each card in his or her graveyard.
Obviously, this is one of my favorite Judgement cards.  My current deck focuses on it.  This deck can tear apart a threshold deck with the right cards included to wipe out a graveyard.
Carrion Wurm
Cost:  3BB  Power/Toughness: 6/5  Expansion: Torment  Rarity: Uncommon
Text:  When Carrion Wurm attacks or blocks, any player may remove three cards in their graveyard from the game.  If so, Carrion Wurm deals no combat damage this turn.
This card, despite its high cost, is pretty good.  It starts out as a 6/5, and if gotten out early enough, can empty out a graveyard, or at least destroy a fair amount of weaker creatures.
Rat's Feast
Cost: XB  Sorcery  Expansion: Judgement  Rarity: Common
Remove X cards in a single graveyard from the game.
Possible high cost, but removes plenty of cards
Lost In Thought
Cost: 1U  Enchant Creature  Expansion: Judgement  Rarity Common
Enchanted creature can't attack, block or use abilities.  This ability can be stopped until end of turn if its controller removes three cards in their graveyard from the game.
Neat little card isn't it?  It stops a creature dead in its tracks and empties a graveyard.  Low cost is a plus, too.
Other addittions could include counterspells to stop enchantment destroying, such as Circular Logic, or Syncopate.
Rob "The Bush" Erlenbush