From: Ronnie P. Crane []

 this deck can be very good once you get it together. I won third place with it in a tournament  (Even thogh none of the kids there were very good.)
4 waste aways
4 crippling fatigue
2malevolent awakening
2 howl from beyond
2 twisted expirement
2 unholy strenght
2 sinister strenght
2 buried alive
4 facless bucther
2 holow dogs
2 carrion wurms
2 grave defiler
3 organ grinder
2soul scourge
2cabal surgeon
18 swamp
strategy: the strategy ton this deck is to get out lots of minus spells and then destroy all there creatures like that. then you attatch all the unholy strenghts and sinister srenghts you have in youre hand and creatures.