Subject: breaking point rebirth Jhon type 2

i came up with ideal one night when i was going through my binder and looking at the powerful red spells in judgment
breaking point
destroy all creatures unless a player has breaking point deal 6 damage to him or her.
Creatures destroyed this way cant be regenerated.
ok now if we combine this card with cards such as penumbra wurm and kavu that when they hit the graveyard spawn tokens of themselves.
baisicaly this would cause your oppenent to take six or get rid of all of his creaturs leaving him defensles against your onslaught.
the downside i can think of this strategy however is getting out penumbra wurm quick enough. penumbra wurm and penumbra kavu are both rather exspensive. it could take a while to get them out. this leaves you at the mercy of fast fatty decks such as the not so quite roar posted  in arons deck garage.
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