Subject: red goblin ,black zombie together
peasant deck
Here's a goblin zombie deck                            
1 anger
1 reckless one
3 goblin taskmaster
3 goblin sledder
4 raging goblin
4 skirk commando
2 shock
1 soulles one
1 frightschroud courier
1 cabal slaver
4 festering goblin
4 fear
4 nantuko husk
3 dark banishing
13 mountain
11 swamp
you will begin with cards like raging goblin or sledder and maybe taskmaster or shock. If  you checked the list you noticed that is is handy to play a lot of those cheap creatures because of the card fear. Get one of your cratures feared (nantuko husk or skirk commando are the best) and then pump him with the taskmaster, sledder or nantuko husk himself. you see that this deck is made to not be blocked. So take away your opponents blockers with shock or dark banishing.
The two avatars (soulles and reckless) can be powerful because the goblins and zombies are very cheap.
Its also pretty cheap to buy and if you trade:
you can get also a couple of other goblins like goblin chariot and if you cannot find some of these zombies you can get gravediggers instead
                                                                   try play it,
                                                                                    give me advice, gerben
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