Subject: Peasant Magic Deck
Paison (said like a pirate, pEYEson...yarr)

8x Swamp
7x Forest
4x Dark Ritual
4x Lotus Petal
2x Tawnos Wand
4x Fog
4x Undergrowth
4x Marsh Viper
2x Suq'ata Assassin
4x Sabertooth Cobra
4x Swamp Mosquito
1x Ashes to Ashes
4x Diabolic Edict
4x Terror
2x Befoul
2x Serrated Arrows

The idea is to get poison counters across.  Throw damage out the window.  I don't usually even keep track of how much damage I've dealt to my opponent when I play this deck.  The creature destruction clears the way and/or eliminates exceptionally powerful attackers.  The Tawnos' Wands make an easy way to get a marsh viper across. 
The primary (and as of yet ONLY) defense in this deck are the Fogs and Undergrowths.  The idea defensively is to take as many attacks as possible while they have a relatively low amount of creatures out and to keep your life above 5, in case you need to use the Ashes to Ashes.  Then start surprising them with the damage prevention and go at them while their creatures are all tapped.
The biggest problems I've faced for this deck are 1) decks that run heavy black so my destruction is less effective and 2) burn decks that Fogs and Undergrowths don't work against. Quite frankly, I have given little or no thought to a sideboard.  I would be delighted to recieve e-mails with some help on those last couple of things.
Robbie Overton