the combo Kip Will  made is wrong! he stated that if u have Nemeta, Grove
Guardian plus Earthcraft and a forrest with 2 wild growths on it
u can put a sap token into play and tap it to untap the wild growthed
forrest to play more and keep doing so. this combo does not at all work
because a creature may not come into play and attack or tap that same turn
do to sommoning sickness this combo may work but u would need a fires of
yavamiya in order for the combo to work. but the combo requires to much
effort to get in to play and by the time u are able to do everything the
game would be over or near over plus u would have to have a way to produce a
lot of mana in a very short time plus have all the cards u need for the
combo in hand for it to work and the chances of that are real slim.


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