Hola once again Pojo! I went to the Pittsburgh Pre-Release for Odyssey yesterday, and although I was royally screwed by the deck swap, I still found a worthwhile Green card to talk about, and it's called Wild Mongrel.
Wild Mongrel - 1G
Creature - Hound
Discard a card from your hand: Wild Mongrel gets +1/+1 and becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.
First of all, this card is common, so it's gonna be easy to get a lot. Second, it's a 2/2 for 1G, and that's pretty darn good in the current enviroment. But that's not even the best part. Discarding a card from your hand gives it +1/+1 and it becomes the color of your choice. That's wrong on so many levels, especially since it's from Odyssey. Discarding cards is no longer a drawback, since now it's fueling your Threshold or you can discard cards with Flashback and play them from the graveyard.
It's best to keep a big hand when attacking with Wild Mongrel, because even if you already can plow their potential blockers down, you never know if there's an Instant around the corner (or if they are bigger than you and forget it has that activated ability, which happened to me, and boy is it fun). At best, he can be a 9/9 in the blink of an eye. Even more than that if you play with something that can increase your hand size. And you can even change its color if you want to. Destroy nonblack creature, eh? Sorry.
In the end, this is a great utility card for any deck using Green and probably will replace Grizzly Bears in the enviroment.
Jeff Betten