Thran Turbine
Urza's Saga Uncommon
1 colorless mana
During your upkeep you may add up to two colorless mana to your mana pool,
this mana can't be used to play spells.
I will design a deck today utilizing this card, rebels and yes, Rising Waters.
We all know from the tinker archetype that blue and mana artifact mana go
great. in this U/W deck we will run Rebels and The Turbines along with some
other mana sources for maximum lock down.
First go the key cards,
Rising Waters
Thran Turbine
Rebels (i'll get to who and how many later)
Star Compass
Rising waters: works great with the turbine and locks down most mana hungry
Thran Turbine: The key card, even without rising waters this works great with
rebels or cumulative upkeep.
Rebels: Duh, total Beatdown, while you're fishing through you deck for more
creatures your opponent is dumbfounded untapping one land a turn.
And the rebels are...
4 Ramosian Sergant: 1st turn, rebel search engine
2 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero: the mistress of pain...
2 Defiant Falcon: Search for Sivvi and the game is mostly over.
2 Nightwind Glider: Air patrol and pro black/red
2 Thermal Glider: See above
2 Steadfast Guard: The bear of the deck.
2 Defiant Vanguard: Chump Blocker king, with multiple lives when combined
with little miss Sivvi.
The Alternate mana is just
4 Star Compass: works with tapped lands  and provides both colors so long as
you have each land in play.
For support and protection we have...
2 Parallax Wave: hahahahahahaha i love this card
2 Absorb: Thank you for giving me three extra life...
4 Daze: return an island for an untapped land next turn and make sure the
can't pay 1.
2 Brainstorm: Card advantage
The land are as follows:
4 Rishidan Port: great with turbine, true lockdown
4 Coastal Tower: first turn
1 Adarkar Wastes: just in case
8 Plains
5 Islands

The Wact Weasel