This is a pretty elaborate card, here is the just of it:
CA cost: RGUBW
Rarity: RARE
pwr/tgh: N/A
-for each swamp you control, you deal 2 damage to target player
-for each island you control you draw that many cards
-for every mountian you control, you deal 1 damage to target creature
-for every forest you control, place that many 1/1 green saprolings into play
-for each plains you control, you gain 2 life.
this is honestly the best card in Apocolypse. It is a rare multicolour for 1 red, green, blue, black, white each (RGUBW)
    quite a good card by itself, But in the right combo...
You can place 4 of these things in one deck, with tons of search cards,
    this can be incorporated into a direct damage deck, control, draw/go, or even beatdown. 
    The casting cost is a bit hard to get around, so I suggest to include birds of Paradise, or Dream Thrush, or anything that can convert coloured mana. Just remember to not make this a cruicial part of your deck without making a worst-case-scenario plan (if the spell is countered) ;-) Cya.