I have been looking at the Odyssey spoiler lately and have discovered a really good combo.  Traumatize costs three colorless and two blue mana.  It says put half of target players library rounded down into his or her graveyard.  Yes this would be a very good card to use with millstone but what if you used traumatize on yourself?  Well with all of the penumbra cards that you could fit in your deck you will most likely end up with something like two 2/1s, two 3/3s, and two 6/6s with trample in play.  Sure if your opponent has a millstone in play they could really use traumatize against you but you can get all of those creatures out on your fourth turn!(with the help of birds of paradise).  Well thats all I have for now. Till next time c ya.  - Mike B

9-27-01 ( update from a couple of fans)

This Combo doesn't work!

Who came up with this ridiculous combo?  Whoever did doesn't know what
the penumbra ability is....It only works if it is put into the graveyard
FROM PLAY!  Please take this one off, or at least tell people it doesn't
work.  thanks. - DrCello7@ameritech.net


Penumbra states
"When Penumbra [creature] is put into a graveyard FROM PLAY, put a..."
Now while Traumatize puts it into a graveyard, it doesn't put it to the graveyard from play.

- Spiff