Dwarven Patrol
Apocolypse uncommon
2 colorless 1 red
Card text:
Dwarven Patrol doesn't untap during your untap step.
Whenever you play a nonred spell, untap Dwarven Patrol.
... not to great in a mono red deck but in a R/G speed this bad boy kicks but.
Well the first thing is why green? Green has excellent speed and quick spells
that pump your creatures up. Such as Giant Growth and Wild might. Mana
acceleration will speed you deck up a lot via B.o.P. and Llanowar Elves.
first we need to solve the mana base for this speedy R/G deck.
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Llanowar Elves
those little guys should keep you mana coming and lead you to a second turn
The green spells that will be the feul for the beatdown and the Patrol's
untapper will be...
4 Giant Growth
4 Seal of Strength
4 Rancor
4 Fog
Fog? haha you may say but think about it, whether or not you opponent attacks
play it at the end of his or her turn, the patrol untaps and is ready for
battle once again. You should only play 1 spell during your pre-combat main
phase so you can pump up after blockers have been declared. Seal of Strength
would be the best play in that case.
Creatures 16:
4 B.o.P.
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Dwarven Patrol
4 Yavimaya Barbarian
Green Spells 16:
4 Giant Growth
4 Seal of Strength
4 Rancor
4 Fog
Red Spells 4: (a tidbit of burn is always helpful)
4 Seal of Fire
Land 24:
4 karsuplan Forest
20 Forest
You may opt to go 20 total land and put in 4 Wax/Wane or some other cheap
pump up or another small creature, but this seems suficient. I always like
looking at cards that some people see as "crappy" or just not playable and
making them work in a deck based around them.

The Wact Weasel