Temporal Spring
Put Target Permanent on Top of its Owners Library


Single Card Strategy for: Temporal Spring

The first time me and my friends took a look at Temporal Spring we thought
it was one crappy card.  I mean, who cares if you're just putting a
permanent on top of the library??  After all, they're just going to be
bringing it out next turn.  Not to mention the fact it wasn't even at the
speed of an instant.  I have a little faith in WotC so I made a multi-color
deck just for using four Temporal Spring.  That's when the true beauty of
the card hit me.  Temporal Spring gets its most value in the early turns of
the game, before you're facing down a horde of creatures.  Not hard to cast
on the third turn fairly often, early in the game its almost like getting
another turn.  Most of the time your opponent will have only lands on the
board or maybe just a small creature card.  The most effective use of
Temporal Spring comes from putting a land back on top of the library.  That
way not only will your opponent not be drawing a killer card, but you've
also slowed down their land development.  In a multi-color deck, that extra
turn it gains you can be crucial to help getting all the color mana
available that you need.   Later in the game, Temporal Spring can have other
uses.  Draw that counter spell the turn after they played Spirit Monger???
No problem, Temporal Spring puts it back on your opponents library so you
can counter it next time.  While creature enchantments are that heavily
played anymore,  you get extra card efficiency if you can bounce a creature
back with enchantments on it.  Temporal Spring wont be the staple card for
World Final tournament worthy Type 2 decks, but for casual play or smaller
less aggressive tournaments, it does have its uses.

Chad Green