Ensaring Bridge + Siren's Call + Respite
Ensaring Bridge
3, Artifact, 7th Edition,
Creatures with power greater than the number of cards in your hand can't
Siren's Call
U, Instant, I forget what set it's from,
All of oppontent's creatures that can attack must do so.  Any non-wall
creatures that cannot attack are killed at end of turn.  Can be played only
during opponent's turn, before opponent's attack.  Creatures summoned this
turn are unaffected by Siren's Call.
1G, Instant, Tempest,
Creatures deal no combat damage this turn.  Gain 1 life for each attacking
Make sure to have the last 3 cards in your hand be Ensaring Bridge, Siren's
Call, and Respite.  During your turn, play Ensaring Bridge, and then during
your opponent's turn play Siren's Call and Respite.  What will happen is that
all your opponents creatures will get killed and you will gain 1 life for
each one that dies.  This combo might be hard to get out, but if you can get
it to work, you will have a great advantage over your opponent, lifewise and
creaturewise.  Tell me if you like it.
Ryan Morrow