Earnest Fellowship  1W
Odessy Rare
Each creature has protection from it's colours.

My friend looked at me as we were trading.  He couldnt believe it.  My awesome Chainer for this pathetic card?  I nodded the affirmative and the trade was made.  What good can a card like that do?  Even if two creatures had the sam colour, you still cant block them.  But, what if they only become that colour AFTER the block is made.

Introducing Earnest Fellowship's best buddy, Wild Mongrel.  Yes, that lovable little pooch calls the table that Earnest Fellowship is on home.  And beign a common, it isnt hard to get four of these little guys into a deck.  Now, while we are at it, let's see what else can fit into this deck.  Hmmm, what do we have so far?  A card that gives protection from the colour the creature is, and a creature that changes colours for every card discarded.  What could be added to that deck?  How does...Basking Rootwalla sound?  A 1/1 with the potential of being a 3/3 played for free.  I think that sounds good.  What else?  Hmmm, we got little guys that could be big...but how about big guys that could be bigger?  Arrogent Wurm is asking to hang out with these guys.  So throw him in there.  That is how I started my newest deck.  I then went on to add some nice creature enchantments (Armidillo cloaks, Elephant Guide) and some other creatures that would be nice in the deck (Sabretooth Nishoba would get Protection from all but black!) and some Threshold creatures such as Metamorphic Wurm. 
Of course, those last additions are entirely optional, but Earnest Fellowship and Wild Mongrel are a match made in the Wizards of the Coast Development room!
Until next time, I will see you next time
Luke Cross (kod_spooky@hotmail.com)