my deck is a green deck with a touch of isnt the fastest deck in the world,but if you play it out,the game will be in your favor.
16 forest
5 swamp
3 quirion trailblazer
4 thresher beast
2 deepwood drummer
2 marsh boa
4 yavimaya worm
1 skyshroud claim
1 jolraels favor
2 thrive
2 monstrous growth
2 aggressive urge
4 seal of strength
1 explosive growth
1 regeneration                                                                            
2 spidersilk armor
1 treetop bracers
2 elven cache
2 intimidation
1 snag
1 elfhame sanctuary
1 verdant field
my plan was to get out creatures and explode them with power.intimidation is so they cant block my creatures after i explode them.If anyone wants to e-mail me and give some improvements and cards to take out or add my name is cole and my e-mail is

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