Good day mages and wizards!!!!
I come here today I write a play which hard, but none the less quite good.One day when I was walking past the a war I
notice a bunch souls marching??that's strange?but wait what if we could destroy your opponents spirts then use some power up spell, we could use Nausea, but you know.So here's my solution:

March of Souls          4W
Destroy all creatures.They can't be regenerated. For each creature destroyed this way, it's controller puts a 1/1 white Spirit token with flying into play.
Rare Planeshift

And now combine this spell with this:
Simoon                     GR
Simoon deals 1 damage to each creature target opponent controls.
Uncommon Invasion

You see, now that the path is cleared you can stomp all over your opponent and add some Stampede's or Vitalizing Wind's for a lock down victory. A good idea if you want to make a deck out of this combo, play with Rith and Thornscape cards(G,W,R).I hope to this play being used soon at your nearest Arena League and remember to E-mail me at for any question or card you want me to look at. Have a nice day and remember.............
"close your eyes and open your mind." - Mind Mage