As promised in the Pojo Message board, here is a version of the High Tides deck that is legally playable in the Peasant format. The basic idea is to cast High Tide, then repeatedly bounce the Faeries or Drake back to your hand, cast Prosperity to look for more High Tides and more bounce spells and do the whole thing over again. The deck wins through Prosperity and Feldonís Cane and has to be played by the seat of your pants. As with most combo decks, practice makes perfect but a rule of thumb is that if you try to go off turn 6 or 7 even if you donít have all the combo pieces and you never try to go off before turn 4 or 5. The deck tends to lose to Red Burn decks since Red can zap the creatures in response to bounce but can beat the rest of the field consistently.



2 Peregrine Drake

3 Prosperity



3 Cloud of Faeries

4 Frantic Search

4 Merchant Scroll

1 Rewind

4 Snap

2 Rescue

4 Seal of Removal

1 Capsize

2 Feldonís Cane

4 Lotus Petal

22 Island


-Jason Chapman