In my continuing quest to prove that Peasant Magic isnít just about speed creature decks here is a deck called Fog Machine. The original was invented by Marcus Anderson and was latter improved upon by Johnny Lai (unfortunately both of these poor lost souls write for a different web site, if you want you can read their articles at and then e-mail them and tell them they should be writing for Pojo) and other at the Peasant Magic newsgroup on Yahoo. Anyway, the deck takes advantage of the high number of creature decks in the field by packing 16+ fog effects (including Constant Mists) and then it goes for the kill with Mill Stone. I will list 2 different decks. The first stays at a higher life total while the second may drop in life but can put a strangle hold on the game when it does come together. Both are competitive against all decks except ProsTides (automatic loss) or Straight Burn (very small minority of the field, this deck has nothing but direct damage cards). If some of the cards look like the rarity is wrong, they are not. This has been a huge debate on the newsgroup and the current decision is that if a card was printed (even only once) on the commons sheet that it is a common. This means that all C1 (like maze of Ith) that are regularly thought of as Uncommon count as commons in Pez. Here are the 2 decks:


Pez-Fog Machine



1 Sylvan Library

1 Land Tax

2 Millstone

1 Constant Mists



2 Reclaim

3 Holy Day

4 Spore Cloud

4 Fog

4 Repulse

3 Reaping the Rewards

4 Feldonís Cane

3 Serrated Arrows

3 Crop Rotation

4 Maze of Ith

12 Forest

9 Plains


Pez- ArrowMill



2 Millstone

1 Zuran Orb

2 Constant Mists



1 Stream of Life

3 Respite

3 Reclaim

4 Feldonís Cane

4 Serrated Arrows

4 Crop Rotation

4 Mulch

4 Desert

4 Maze of Ith

20 Forest


-Jason Chapman