Phyrexian Processor is a well know killing machine. 

Card Title: Phyrexian Processor Color: Artifact Card Type: Artifact Cost: 4 Pow/Tgh: n/a Card Text: When Phyrexian Processor comes into play, pay any amount of life. 4, TAP: Put a Minion token into play. Treat this token as a black creature with power and toughness each equal to the amount of life paid at the time Phyrexian Processor came into play.

Now even more.

Worship is a card that allows you to live as long as you have a creature, right?

So have a Worship and Eager Cadet( Any creature will do) out and play Phyrexian processor for 5,000 and you'll be at 1. I would be really surprised if anyone could stop hordes of 5,000/5,000 creatures.
Use duress to prevent disenchant or/and counterspells, 4 of both worship and the processor and lots of creatures and have fun, destroying away recklessly.

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