Card Name:      Copper-Leaf Angel
Card Color:     Artifact
Type & Class:   Artifact Creature  Angel
Casting Cost:   5
Pow/Tgh:        2/2
Card Text:      Flying. Tap, Sacrifice X lands: Put X +1/+1 counters on
                Copper-Leaf Angel.  Set Prophecy
Card Name:      Desolation Angel
Card Color:     B
Mana Cost:      3BB
Type & Class:   Creature - Angel
Pow/Tou:        5/4
Card Text:      Kicker [W][W] (You may pay an additional [W][W] as you play this spell.) Flying. When Desolation Angel comes into play,
destroy all lands you control. If you paid the kicker cost, destroy all lands instead."    Set Apocalypse
Well, this may be obvious but i think its pretty cool.  With the Copper-Leaf Angel in play, add enough mana to play Desolation Angel with the kicker. 
Then, tap the copper angel and sac all ur lands to give it +1/+1 for every land.  Then play desolation angel with the kicker and destroy all lands, but u dont have any to destroy!

James Racine