Try this evil combo-

                        Ashen Firebeast (Odyssey), it costs 6rr is a 6/6 and reads: 1r Ashen Firebeast deals 1 damage to all creatures without flying. Now consider Armadillo Cloak from invasion for 2gw it reads: target creature gets +2+2 and trample. You gain 1 life = to the amount of damage it deals.

No more said on this. Now take a gander at scorching sands another Odyssey rare.
Its a red card for I dont know how much mana that reads: every time a creature goes into the gaveyard its controller sacs a land.

!!!!!!!! its PANDEMONIUM!!!

Although it takes soooooo longits realy worth it if you can get it out. I won a game with it having 73 life!!!!

note: cards text re taken out of context thus they are not quoted.