This card really helps in any deck that includes the color red.

Name: Seal Of Fire
Color: Red
Mana Cost: 1Red
Type: Enchantment
Effect: Sacrafice seal of fire- Seal of fire deals two damage to target creature or player

The reason why this card is good is first of all, it can kill creatures wit defense of two or one. Say your opponent plays a rathi intimidator. OH NO! You cant block it. Just sacrafice the seal and deal the Rathi 2 damage. Secondly, Say your oponnent is at two, you have a magma burst in your hand and your pretty sure they have an absorb in thier hand. If you had a seal of fire in play you could just sacrafice it and deal 2 damage to him and of course, he cant counter a sacrafice so he's dead. Lastly, it is very likely this card wont get countered. You play it on your first tur and they either have 1 or no lands which makes it easy to play.

Hope This Helps yor Red DecK!!!!!  Want more good combos for any colored deck??
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                   -Scott Wenzler